05/14/2021 13:06
Thanks to everyone who helped get Tile Comics over 5,000 followers.  I've added a merchandise store on Zazzle, featuring the following first issue of images: Tile Comics logo The Chicken The Dog The Squirrel The Robot Visit to view...
12/11/2020 16:18
Tile Comics now has over 2,000 followers on Instagram!  Come visit and enjoy some wholesome laughery!
07/24/2020 08:35
I was interviewed on Expedition Truth radio on July 23, 2020 to discuss my book Hollow Anchors of Morality. MP3 archive can be heard here!   Amazon: Hollow Anchors of Morality
12/14/2019 14:39
My new book Hollow Anchors of Morality: Why morality requires free will and can't be explained by science alone is now available on Amazon.   Can morality exist independent of God? How does the existence of multiple religions come into play? How do non-religious persons commit virtuous...
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03/14/2015 18:35
The next edition of First Unseen is now available! New cover! Lower price! Author's cut! Order yours today! Paperback $6.99 Kindle ebook $0.99  
03/25/2014 21:55
An interview I submitted to a few months ago appeared on March 18 at Read the interview here!
04/19/2013 17:45
I'll be signing copies of First Unseen on:   Sat., May 11, 2013 from 1–3 p.m. Yogli Mogli Frozen Yogurt 135 Danada Square East, Wheaton, IL   Come out and say hello and have some yogurt!!
01/04/2013 01:57
Sam Entile's first novel, The Circle of Six, is now available as an ebook. Check it out from  Amazon  or Barnes & Noble.